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The Talks series will present city makers, question the future of music genres, and check if we can make the world a better place via sensible eating habits. The free public talks will take place every afternoon from March 27th to April 1st at the TMW pop-up restaurant housed in the Architecture and Design Gallery and at Café Must Puudel.

How big is the ecological footprint of digital music? Are we teaching the people of tomorrow the world of yesterday? What should be done in urban design to encourage more human touch in business? Who killed music genres? Most events will be held in English.

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TMW Talks schedule:

Monday, 27th March:
17:00-18:00 The antiquities of Baltic rock – TMW pop-up (Pärnu maantee 6) (RU)

When beat music first made it’s way to the Baltics, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania were under Soviet rule which was unfriendly towards new developments in popular culture. There were several institutions with a mission to minimize the effects of Western influence. But alas, these could not prevent the infiltration of rock’n’roll, jazz and punk. Even though the Baltics were under a similar yoke, their music scenes were surprisingly different already in the 1960s. Where did these differences stem from and how did we end up on the same page again in the 1990s after having re-established our independent statehoods? Or perhaps we didn’t end up on the same page after all? Music critic Artemy Troitsky will moderate a pan-Baltic panel comprising of Estonia’s first lady of jazz Anne Erm, Latvian sociologist Janis Daugavietis and Estonian rock enthusiast and author Andres Oja. The talk is in Russian.

18:30-19:30 ESTCube presents: Expanding human presence in the Solar System: culture, beauty and sustainability (Müürivahe 20) (ENG)

When humans make the leap from planet Earth to outer space and inhabit new worlds, the first major changes will affect the realm of aesthetics. Our sense of beauty will need to ground itself in something new because our immediate environment and the principles of sustainability will have been severely altered. A discussion of space exploration and technology via artistic utopias will held by Dr. Andris Slavinskis, Head of Space Technology Department at Tartu Observatory, artist and materials science PhD student Marianne Jõgi, Estonia’s pre-eminent future wave composer Taavi Tulev and psychologist Aune Past. The moderator is Kadri Bussov. The talk is in English.

Tuesday, 28th March
17:00-18:00 Cultural value and waste – TMW pop-up (Pärnu maantee 6) (EST)

We are living in a curious time – the era of digital music is upon us, yet vinyl is still mainstream and cassettes are making a comeback. The fetish of authenticity has added layers of exclusivity, eco-mindedness and glamour to the thus far mostly mass marketed fan merch scene. How does the interplay between culture and cult influence our physical world? Are analog formats sustainable? Can we measure the carbon footprint of digital releases? What is the future of radio? Radio personality Maarja Merivoo-Parro will moderate a diverse panel of opinion leaders comprising of DJ and Member of Parliament Heidy Purga, head of media studies at Estonian Public Broadcasting Andres Jõesaar, manager Toomas Olljum and head of the Trash Can Dance label Gert Moser. The talk is in Estonian.

18:30-19:30 Telia Talk: Sex & Plants & Rock’n’Roll – Must Puudel (Müürivahe 20) (EST)

Latest developments in the ever evolving concept of mental and physical fitness have made a significant impact on the world of music. Being a rock star used to be associated with substance abuse, now artists are considered cool for being vegan. There is an abundance of helpful apps for keeping tabs on bodily functions and planning activities. Is citius, altius, fortius a good principle in this context or would it be healthier to exercise moderation in the quest of achieving and monitoring health and fitness? The panelists are frontman and Iron Man contestant Tanel Padar, CTO of Telia and sports enthusiast Kirke Saar, owner of bodyART Estonia Kristi Roosimägi and running anthropologist Raivo Alla. The talk is in Estonian and moderated by sports journalist Juhan Kilumets.

Wednesday, 29th March
17:00-18:00 Media of the future/the future of media – TMW pop-up (Pärnu maantee 6) (EST)

Big questions about big media will be addressed by a panel of Estonian media chiefs, moderated by Indrek Ibrus. The talk is in Estonian.

The talks is in Estonian and moderated by Indrek Ibrus.
Sven Nuutmann – CEO of Eesti Meedia
Karl Anton – TV and Multimedia Area Managar at Telia Eesti
Marii Karell – Editor in Chief at Radar and Mood
Darja Saar – Editor in Chief at ETV+

18:30-19:30 Planet on the plate – Must Puudel (Müürivahe 20) (ENG)

Have you outgrown the mentality that progress means expanding production? Do you think that it’s naive to assume the economy will grow forever and that’s what mankind need? You’re not alone. How to make the world a better place via sound decisions about what you put in your mouth is the topic on the table for Elgars Felcis – President of the Latvian Permaculture Association and SUSPLACE researcher, zero waste blogger Maryliis Teindfeldt, CEO of HeyDay Organic Janno Veskimäe and a representative from the Stockholm Environmental Institute Evelin Piirsalu. The talk is in English and will be moderated by journalist Ingrid Peek.

Thursday, 30th March
17:00-18:00 Who killed genre? – TMW pop-up (Pärnu maantee 6) (ENG)

There was once a time where rock was real rock and pop was real pop. These days it is hard to tell where one ends and the other begins. An artist can simultaneously be tagged with “indie, R&B, chamber pop, urban, synthpop”, and even some TMW acts chose about dozen genre tags when submitting their profiles. Are they all a strain of post-genre acts, existing beyond genres that seemed set in concrete as little as 15 years ago? Do they represent a cross-pollination that makes it harder than ever to definitively state that you like or dislike one genre or another? Is this the beginning of the end of a “rock vs pop” era as opposed to the 90s heyday of genrefication when new genres – or names for new genres – were pouring out at an astonishing rate? Will we ever again see an article in the vein of “50 ways the indie nation is fighting back” against “UK garage and pop shite”? (R.I.P. Melody Maker). Oh, and was it ever cool to say that you like night-bus or jersey club?

TMW’s Ingrid Kohtla will moderate a discussion between the renowned pop culture scholars: Simon Reynolds, the author of eight books about pop culture, Kieron Tyler, music journalist and former academic, and Kevin Cole, Senior Director of Programming at KEXP.

18:30-19:30 Urban innovators, unite! – TMW pop-up (Pärnu maantee 6) (EST)

A forum focusing on accessibility and design in urban environments will shed light on the pros and cons of the latest developments in timebanking, sharing economy and community enterprises. The talk is in Estonian and moderated by Teele Pehk.

Jaanus Juss – CEO of Telliskivi Creative City
Daniel Kotsjuba – Graphic Designer
Maarjo Mändmaa – Chairman of the Board at AS Hoolekandeteenused
Jakob Rosin – Board Member of Estonian Federation of the Blind

Friday, 31th March
17:00-18:00 New dogs, old tricks – TMW pop-up (Pärnu maantee 6) (ENG)

Are we teaching yesterday’s world to the people of tomorrow? Mutation in education, digital nomads and future competencies will be discussed by Kathleen Naglee – director of the International School of Estonia, Ede Schank Tamkivi – journalist and leader of Eesti 2.0, promoter of maths and robotics Kristjan Korjus and Mait Müntel – co-creator of the adaptive language learning system Lingvist. The talk is in English and moderated by educator Toomas Roolaid.

18:30-19:30 Tanz mit Laibach – Must Puudel (Müürivahe 20) (ENG)

The band Laibach was born in communist Yugoslavia almost forty years ago and even though the world around them has changed, Laibach still manages to thrive using shock, ambivalence and provocation. A mysterious chain of events led them to become the first Western band to officially perform in totalitarian North-Korea. This intersection of propaganda and art was captured in the documentary “Liberation Day” which is part of Tallinn Music Week’s Film program. Laibach’s Ivan Novak and producer Uldis Cekulis will speak about their relevant experience within and beyond the film. The talk is in English.

The moderator is Tristan Priimägi.

Saturday, 1st April
15:30-16.30 Astrid Swan – From the Bed to the Stage – the story of courage and re-invention, rebirth of an artist – Must Puudel (Müürivahe 20) (ENG)

At the age of 32, just after releasing her fifth album and embarking on a tour, Finnish musician and new mother Astrid Swan was diagnosed with aggressive breast cancer. Suddenly she was forced to abandon her creative work and dive into a life filled with surgeries, chemotherapy and radiation. Astrid will share her story of recovery and return to being creative through discussing bodies, emotions, vulnerability and inspiration. What is the relationship between human suffering and art? Do women only get validation through tragedy or death? How to measure the value of music as a healing method and what is the role of dreaming in a transformative process? The talk is in English and moderated by journalist Ingrid Peek.

17:00-18:00 Erkki-Sven Tüür presents his new album “Peregrinus Ecstaticus” – Mustpeade Maja Fraternity Hall (Pikk tn 26) (EST)

Erkki-Sven Tüür presents his new album “Peregrinus Ecstaticus” with Christoffer Sundqvist.
Moderator: composer Liisa Hirsch.

17:00-18:00 24 Hour Party People. Amy Lamé and Estonian politicians’ visions of city development – TMW pop-up (Pärnu maantee 6) (ENG)

A 20-minute interview with Amy Lamé, followed by Estonian politicians, active in city policy, presenting their visions for Tallinn’s urban culture. Amy will give comments and feedback.

Urban culture vision presented by:

Rainer Vakra – Social Democrat, MP, Chair of Environment Committee
Kalle Palling – Estonian Reform Party, MP, Vice-chair of Environment Committee
Raimond Kaljulaid – Central Party, The Mayor of North Tallinn District

Moderator: Helen Sildna

18:30-19:30 Festival –  to be or not to be? – Must Puudel (Müürivahe 20) (ENG)

Simple and cheap digital access to music has not taken away people’s desire to experience live acts. On the contrary – touring is still a major source of income for artists and the plethora of events taking place simultaneously all over the planet makes a compelling case for arguing that we are living in an era of festivals. What would be a meaningful venture in this oversaturated cultural landscape? How to organize events in a meaningful and sustainable manner? Good practices will be shared by Manny Ansar who organizes the Festival au desert in Timbuktu, Lutz Leichsenring – expert of the Berlin club scene, Denis Trusila – organizer of FSP Festival in Belarus and Meisterjaan – host of an Estonian underground boutique festival Vilsandi Trance. The talk is in English and moderated by international promoter Nick Hobbs.

Find more detailed information about the talks in our schedule