Brand 2017

The 2017 visual identity of the biggest Nordic city festival is created by designer  Mariana Hint-Rääk and the website is designed by design studio Velvet.

The task of the new design was to visualise precisely and metaphorically the main topics of this year’s festival: sustainable development in all its facets from environmental sustainability to urban development, from cohesive communities to promotion of equal rights.


Mariana Hint-Rääk designed an identity based on the symbol of portals.
Mariana says the visual developed from moving between the several layers and levels of TMW: “The image of portals is the main element as it symbolises the movement from the bright facade of the festival towards deeper layers. The consumer-oriented outer layer of TMW is the enjoyment of a packed entertainment programme from music to design and food. However there is always a deeper meaning and impact behind. All these colourful parts of the programme compile a many-fold entertainment as well as an honest analysis of the reasons of phenomena.”

The new visual continues the traditional two-colour combination in order to make the festival recognisable around the city. The main colours are bright dark pink and grey that is balancing the intensity.


The illustration that opens behind the portal was created by the graphic designer and street artist Viktor Gurov. To stand out from the text and photo based shiny surface of the festival’s website and other channels Gurov used a punk-inspired DIY ethics, a more abstract visual language and handy tools – spoon, grass, paper knife, dishwashing sponge, match and whiteboard marker – to create the illustration.


With the new visual also a new official font GT Eesti  has been adapted by TMW. The international font designers group Grilli Type, led by Reto Moser, derived the new font from the Cold War era graphic phenomena „Zhurnalnaya Roublennaya“ and Soviet era Estonian children’s books while making it modern and dynamic as is fit for the festival. The font exists in Latin and Cyrillic letters.


The new website of TMW was created by design office Velvet. The main aim has been to design a practical assistant for festival guests as well as delegates and artists by enabling easy navigation between different festival layers, artist presentations and web shop. The web follows the logic of the new visual by consisting of different layers and portals that allow to look underneath the surface.